About NeighborhoodScout®

NeighborhoodScout provides the most comprehensive database of hyper-local real estate data available today. The platform is owned and operated by Location, Inc., builders of location-based Big Data and intelligence for the Fortune 1000 and beyond.

Dr. Schiller, creator of NeighborhoodScout

NeighborhoodScout was created by Dr. Andrew Schiller, who earned his PhD from Clark University’s Graduate School of Geography, America’s oldest and largest geography PhD program. Dr. Schiller was previously a scientist at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Atomic Energy Complex, and also Director of Science for The Nature Conservancy’s Tennessee Chapter. A team of data scientists and experts in geographic information systems and analysis join Dr. Schiller at the helm of NeighborhoodScout.

Apart from the competition

NeighborhoodScout is THE neighborhood search engine. It uses patented methodologies to build neighborhood profiles that allow individuals or businesses to instantly find the best neighborhoods for them, in any part of the United States they choose.

NeighborhoodScout uses a new and unique way of matching people with the best neighborhoods for them and their families. This approach uses the largest database of neighborhood statistics and characteristics ever created, and converts it into accurate neighborhood profile matches customized to the needs of any individual. The user can choose exactly what they want in a neighborhood by selecting lifestyle searches and key words linked to this massive database.

The best matching neighborhood profiles are mapped instantly, described in rich detail, and linked to the local information that newcomers and prospective movers want most, like home listings in most cases, school profiles and exclusive ratings, exclusive crime statistics for each neighborhood, and much more.

NeighborhoodScout significantly reduces the amount of time spent searching for real estate by pinpointing the locations that best meet your specific criteria, instantly, and without even leaving your office. NeighborhoodScout also decreases the stress associated with a property search by eliminating misguided locations and reducing financial risks and uncertainties associated with buying real estate.

This service is an entirely new class of product that delivers the most accurate and personalized matches, providing fresh insights that empower you to make the best choices with ease, no matter where you’re moving.

Unlike the competition, NeighborhoodScout offers seamless national coverage. No slice, parcel or pad of terra firma has been omitted. Additionally, unlike other sources who offer Zip code or city level data, Scout’s models take you deep below the Zip code to uncover expertly-build data at the neighborhood and even micro-neighborhood levels.

This level of granularity is exclusive to NeighborhoodScout and has been so since 2002.

Read more about Scout’s unique methodologies.

What neighborhood statistics do you use?

NeighborhoodScout uses over 600 characteristics to build a neighborhood profile for each and every neighborhood (census tract) and address (block-group) in America. These include: school quality, housing costs, crime rates, income levels, the age, size and style of homes, the density of buildings, rental areas versus owner occupied, the proportion of families with children, educational attainment, languages spoken, types of careers of those living in the neighborhood, economic trends, demographic trends, crime trends and forecasts, crime risk by crime type, home price appreciation and HPA forecasts, unemployment trends, and many, many more. This set of characteristics captures the true look, feel, and character of places like never before, allowing extraordinarily accurate neighborhood profile matches to be instantly calculated for the customer.

The data Location, Inc. uses for NeighborhoodScout is the latest neighborhood statistics available from several leading government sources. These sources include the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the U.S. Department of Justice, the National Center for Education Statistics, and the U.S. Geological Service, among others. We bring information from these different agencies together in one giant database and then we use our PhD-level expertise to create new, useful profiles and insights about neighborhoods, cities, and towns all across America. No one else does it like NeighborhoodScout.

How are neighborhood profiles calculated?

NeighborhoodScout applies a patented algorithm to measure the similarity of neighborhoods based on customer-specified criteria, such that exact matches to what the customer wants are delivered instantly. This revolutionary approach is applied to the nearly 200 characteristics used to describe each of the more than 61,000 neighborhood profiles (i.e. census tracts) in America to create accurate matches, no matter what the customer is looking for in a neighborhood. This unique approach offers customers a level of service available nowhere else.